The Challenge of Change Day 5

Prayer and Accountability

While today will end my series on the challenge of change, the real work continues in the weeks ahead. There are times that we’ll get weary and want to give up.  Remember the value of prayer.  Call on God for strength and encouragement. Invite a friend to be praying for you or consider praying together.

Accountability is a huge component of long term success as well.  Find an accountability partner who you can report your progress to.  Ideally, this person would also check in periodically with you.  I also encourage you to grab your calendar and pick one day a month for the next six months to check in with yourself on how you’re doing on your goal. Simply write “goal check-up” on the dates – it will serve as a reminder to get back on track if the busyness of life derails you.    

I pray for success along your journey, but also patience and grace. I heard the perfect quote last night from Steven Furtick. “Jesus saves me all at once, but He changes me little by little.”  Peace and blessings!

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