Every Day Moments

While we may gravitate to the over-the-top moments when we realize God is speaking or acting, the day to day journey offers just as much hope and revelation about who God is. He’s walking with us each day, but how often do we take time to stop and notice? I’m reminded today of how I’ve seen glimpses of God repeatedly through this week: 

  • I was worried about the timing of events and showing our house when my middle-schooler spoke up and said, “If those are the people that God wants to buy the house, they will.  Why are you worried?” God used my child to speak wisdom and truth.
  • Our other daughter laughingly commented on the fact that we’re not a “usual” family and instead of analyzing her comment, I agreed and thanked God that He loves us for who we are.
  • Our son unknowingly offered a humor moment and I was reminded that God created laughter and humor.
  • In the midst of sadness this week, I was reminded of the hope in Christ we have.
  • While in a season of unknowns, I found peace and comfort in God’s presence and His Word.
  • In a place of trying to discern what direction to take, Jesus as the Good Shepherd guiding us, was the theme of my Bible study one day.

So, my wow moment is the realization of God’s faithfulness and presence. He’s with me all the time, not just during the mountaintop experiences.  I pray that you’ll see evidence of God at work in your life and that you’ll enjoy His presence and love.

Moving in Faith

We are in the process of buying and selling home.  And of course, it’s complicated.  There are timing issues, financial limitations and goals, storage needs, contracts and legalities – and they’re all served up with a side of uncertainty.  Instead of shaking our hand when we made the decision, I think the realtor should have handed us a super-sized bottle of Tums.

But, I’m trusting God.

We prayed and sought God’s direction before making any decisions.  We want what God wants for us.  We’ve tried things our way before and know from experience that doing things God’s way is always in our best interest.  But, as you’re aware, we couldn’t find anywhere in the Bible where it says that Scott and Cindy Shufflebarger should move in the year 2012. Instead, we’ve prayed for wisdom, unity, and hearts and minds that are aligned with God’s desire for us.

After making the decision, there have been times of questioning.  Are we making the right decision? Is this really what God wants for us?  And each time I’ve asked these questions, God has responded.  He’s mostly answered through verses of encouragement about faith, peace, and God’s provision.  Just yesterday, as I started my day with Bible study, the session was about the people exercising faith by moving back to Jerusalem after Nehemiah rebuilt the walls.  It served as a reminder that there are times in our lives to move and that it requires faith.  My day was book-ended with me reading a children’s Bible to my kids as they were going to bed. And the passage my daughter seemed to randomly pick was all about God’s power and protection and why we shouldn’t be afraid.

So, while God has yet to send me an email with a direct statement, He has continued to encourage me with His Word and His timing.  And these glimpses remind me of His love and care.

God Sees and Knows What We Need

I was exasperated. 

By day 5 of vacation, the kids seemed to have had enough togetherness.  Now, being a homeschooling family, we’re used to togetherness.  But, for some reason, everyone was irritable and out of sorts – myself included.  I was frustrated with their behavior and everyone’s “me first” attitude.  After about the 20th time saying, “That’s not very kind,” I had lost my patience and was on the verge of letting my thoughts fly freely.  Maybe I should just bolt for a little while.  Getting away would at least give me some quiet.

OK, disappearing wouldn’t solve anything.  But, I had to do something.

And then I remembered that Emma had brought a book of devotions with her, but we’d neglected opening it.  And so, I rounded up the gang and plopped the book in the middle of the bed.

I opened it to the correct date and began reading:

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Colossians 3:12

Everyone’s eyes got big as eyebrows raised… myself included.  We each looked at each other sheepishly. Perhaps God was watching.  Actually, I’m certain of it.  And in His perfect way and perfect timing, He got our attention.  We talked about our actions and the corresponding verse for a few minutes before resuming our day.  And, you know, everyone’s attitude improved.

God’s word is powerful and His timing impeccable. For that, I’m grateful.