Still Easter

I was moved by emotion during our Sunday service at church. The music began and so did the tears. Flooded by gratitude and the reality of what Jesus endured, I reflected on the true meaning of the cross.

The real meaning of the cross.

Not a symbol on my child’s Easter craft or stained glass window. Not earrings adorning my daughter’s ears or a gold token around someone’s neck.

Sadly, I don’t consider it often enough. Sure, I thank God for the gift of salvation. I thank Him for the hope of eternity and the blessings of life here and now. But it’s not often that I consider the real sacrifice. The real pain. The real gift.

I struggle to comprehend the depths of His love for me. I know I’m not deserving. I know that my sin helped nail Him to the cross. It’s too much to think about and so I don’t. And so, I miss the blessing of Easter the rest of the year. How sad! I soak it in for only a short time and then get back to the lackluster living of schedules and to-do lists.

I suspect that you may struggle with the same. We give God a nod each morning and then run on with our day. How differently would our lives look if we lived as each day was Easter? Would we think differently? Would we act differently? What if we celebrated the power of the resurrection every day?

Think about the celebration, the hope, the awe, the wonder, and yes, the power. I’m needing some of that today. How about you? Will you join me in celebrating Easter again today? And tomorrow? And the day after? I pray that you will.

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