Speaking Topics

Fine Tune Your Focus:  From Good to God

With so many opportunities for entertainment, work, and service, it’s easy to be consumed by busyness in today’s world. We become so busy with good activities that we miss the best ones.  Join Cindy as she helps you:

  • Discover ways to prune your priorities and shape them using the guide of the Master Gardener.
  • Uncover the root cause of busyness and strategies to overcome it.
  • Make room for God’s best by gaining the confidence to say no.

Loving God Lavishly

Once you discover the wonder of God’s love, you’ll keep coming back for more.  Experience Him like never before – as real and relevant.  In this workshop, Cindy will teach the audience how to:

  • Recognize God’s presence in everyday life.
  • Discover meaning and practical application in God’s word.
  • Find fulfillment and satisfaction in a personal relationship with Him.

Finding Joy in the Journey

Life isn’t always easy.  Actually, it can be quite difficult and painful at times.  But, it is possible to experience joy in the midst of struggles if you know the true source of joy.  Cindy helps the audience find joy in life as she shows how to:

  • Walk from the door of despair to the window of hope.
  • Choose to trust God to redeem disappointments.
  • Celebrate God’s goodness.

Beyond Ordinary: Experiencing an Extraordinary God

Are you always longing for more? Not more stuff or more success, but more life! God wants more for you too.  Join Cindy as she shows you how to:

  • Discover the richness of God’s goodness.
  • Accept God’s invitation for an abundant life.
  • Fuel your thoughts with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Feeding our Stomachs, Starving our Souls

Is something eating you that’s causing you to eat?  Stress, worry, sadness, and busyness can all lead to emotional eating.  But, the eating doesn’t leave us satisfied.  In this session, Cindy will help you:

  • Find the source of satisfaction that you’re longing for.
  • Discover how to identify personal triggers to overeating.
  • Overcome emotional eating with tools and techniques to meet your needs.

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