Baptism Gone Wrong

My 5 year old son recently asked about baptism.  He was mostly interested in the mechanics of it – the actual event- because he has heard talk of it, but has no memory of seeing someone baptized. Conveniently, we were kayaking at the time of his inquiry, so I offered to demonstrate in the water.

While it seemed like a great idea at the time, hindsight offers a different view.  (more…)

Detours and Distractions

Detours and Distractions
I had two choices according to Mapquest, and so I picked my favorite. Only, I was distracted and missed my exit off the interstate.
OK, Plan B. I’ll take option 2. No worries.
Then my thoughts started to wander and I missed that exit, too! I couldn’t believe it. I was about to cross the river and then there’d be no turning back, so I quickly pulled over to program my GPS. I should have done it sooner. Luckily, I got back on track easily and was only about seven minutes late to my meeting.
They cause us to be rerouted in life. I eventually made it to my destination but it took a little longer and didn’t go as planned. Isn’t most of life that way? We get distracted and take our eyes off God. We chase our own plans and take little detours.
I used to get frustrated, even berate myself, wondering what I’d missed by inadvertently choosing a different route. But, the reality is, I always make my way back to God. At some point, I realize that I’ve detoured in the midst of my distraction and then realign (or recalculate, in GPS terms). My destination is the same, and I’ve grown along the way, so perhaps I need to let go of the idea that I may have missed something. I really should focus on what I experienced as a result of my actions and learn what I can from the adventure, all while taking in the scenery, exploring new territory, and even daydreaming a little along the way.
Yes, life is about a destination, but it’s also about the journey there. Enjoy!

Something about the Beach

Something about the beach draws me to God.  Maybe it’s the rhythmic sound of the waves. Or the combination of the breeze carrying the smell of the salty ocean spray that transports my heart and mind towards Him.

I am fascinated by the beauty and the details at the beach. All of the shells and evidence of sea creatures intrigue me.  How can each beach be so different, ever changing, yet staying the same– the same beauty, the same elements, the same praise worthy creation of God?

I discovered a new delight on my trip this week.  Sharks’ teeth!  I have found a stray tooth or two over the years, but this particular beach boasts of them in abundance.  I found one that reminded me of this fact, and so, the search begin.  At first, I didn’t find anymore.  But one night while researching the post-poison-ivy-hives that I had developed (another post for another day), I decided to take a break and see if there were any special techniques for finding these shiny black gems in the sand. And, of course, there were blogs and web sites that offered tips and strategies.  

With only 30 minutes until sunset, I was armed with new info and went tearing for the beach.  I found 5 of them in 45 minutes…yes, it had gotten dark and my dear husband was using the light in his cell phone to support my new obsession.  Calling it quits on our last night of the trip, I knew I had only one last chance to search. I checked the tide schedules and realized I would be getting up much earlier than I wanted the next morning. But, I was not disappointed. The beauty of the ocean as the sun is still rising and the quiet lapping of the waves would have been enough.  Intoxicating, actually. But, I also found eleven more of those little black beauties in less than an hour.  Each one involved a process of seeking, celebrating, and thanking God for the beauty of His creation all while living in the moment.  I was completely focused.

The cycle of seeking, celebrating, and thanking was what made it so enjoyable to focus. And,so, in a season of life where I have been struggling to live in the moment and focus, I am feasting on this important lesson.  I will see Him more clearly when I seek, celebrate, and thank Him with the same focus and intensity as I did searching for the shark’s teeth.   All else fades into the background when I know what I am looking for.

I pray that you see God’s beauty today as you focus on seeking, celebrating, and thanking Him for all His goodness.