Moving in Faith

We are in the process of buying and selling home.  And of course, it’s complicated.  There are timing issues, financial limitations and goals, storage needs, contracts and legalities – and they’re all served up with a side of uncertainty.  Instead of shaking our hand when we made the decision, I think the realtor should have handed us a super-sized bottle of Tums.

But, I’m trusting God.

We prayed and sought God’s direction before making any decisions.  We want what God wants for us.  We’ve tried things our way before and know from experience that doing things God’s way is always in our best interest.  But, as you’re aware, we couldn’t find anywhere in the Bible where it says that Scott and Cindy Shufflebarger should move in the year 2012. Instead, we’ve prayed for wisdom, unity, and hearts and minds that are aligned with God’s desire for us.

After making the decision, there have been times of questioning.  Are we making the right decision? Is this really what God wants for us?  And each time I’ve asked these questions, God has responded.  He’s mostly answered through verses of encouragement about faith, peace, and God’s provision.  Just yesterday, as I started my day with Bible study, the session was about the people exercising faith by moving back to Jerusalem after Nehemiah rebuilt the walls.  It served as a reminder that there are times in our lives to move and that it requires faith.  My day was book-ended with me reading a children’s Bible to my kids as they were going to bed. And the passage my daughter seemed to randomly pick was all about God’s power and protection and why we shouldn’t be afraid.

So, while God has yet to send me an email with a direct statement, He has continued to encourage me with His Word and His timing.  And these glimpses remind me of His love and care.

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