Life is fragile: Cherish it

Recently, I’ve had more thoughts of my daughter.  I’m not sure if it’s because of Mother’s Day, a fantastic family vacation, or several tragic deaths that have occurred in recent weeks.  Whatever the case, she’s been on my mind lately.

Ashlynn was an amazing little girl.  She had a condition that was “incompatible with life”, yet she exuded life.  Perhaps that’s the irony – she couldn’t be contained by life.  I struggle to wrap my mind around it and I struggle to express what she means to me.   She taught me a lifetime of lessons and I am forever grateful that God chose me to be her mother.

Ashlynn reminds me that life is fragile.  We should cherish life; yet, how often do we wander aimlessly without giving life another thought?  How often do we take for granted the people in our lives?  We get busy and become a little irritable.  Or, we’re impatient when our children act like children.  We shun the unpopular guy because he just doesn’t fit in.  Or, we’re careless with our words and judgments. 

God values life.  Every life!  He’s the creator of life, author of life, giver of life… He breathes life into every being.  I was holding Ashlynn when she took her last breath and passed from this life on to heaven.  I’ve experience the transformation that happens when the final breath is gone, when the spirit departs and the body becomes a lifeless object.  It’s forever etched into my mind and serves as a reminder that this life is temporary.

Only God knows the length of our days.  Let’s not take one more day for granted.  I challenge you to stop and think about the people around you. Tell somebody (or everybody) you love them.  Better yet, show them!  Make the most of every moment as you cherish those God has placed in your life.

Be devoted to one another in love. Romans 12:10

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2 thoughts on “Life is fragile: Cherish it

  1. Hugs to you Cindy. Thanks for sharing….at some point in the future I am sure I will be in a place that I will need to re-read these posts. Appreciate your writing…I am on am emotional roller coaster right now!

  2. I understand. I, too, lost a child. Our boy is Andrew Christopher Dorsey who was dx with brain cancer in Aug. ’09 at the age of 12. 4 months later I witnessed his passing from earth to Heaven…heartbreaking.
    Life truly is precious. I’m so glad I know he is still alive…although not living with us.