Lessons Learned from the Lego Men

photoTo say that my son loves Legos would be the understatement of the year, maybe a lifetime.  And so, it was no surprise when he asked if he could bring them along to church.  He pitched his plan perfectly – he’d put them in my purse until it was time for “big” church and then he’d play quietly with them.

After a millisecond pause to consider, I happily agreed.  Because every mom of a 5 year old boy knows how hard it is for them to sit still for an extended period of time.  And the same motherhood gets nervous when said children create a stir during a quiet service, and we all know that 5 year old boys squirm, wiggle, bounce, dangle, and whisper in high volumes.  It’s much more like a softened… scream.

And so, Lego men sounded like a fabulous idea.

There was one rule: he had to make sure that the brotherhood of Lego men behaved during the service.  He agreed and we were on our way.

After getting settled in our seats, he gave me the sign and I retrieved the little figures from my purse. At first, they laid on the chair staring at the ceiling. (I guess they hadn’t had their coffee yet.)  As the music began, I thought they may perk up – you know, dance on the chair in front of us or hover in the air around us to the rhythm of the music.  However, being new to church, they were a little reserved. And so they continued to sit quietly.

But as the sermon began, they came to life. They jumped and flipped and chased. They had a delightful time – quietly, of course.

I looked at my son and smiled. I looked at the Lego men and smiled. They inspired several observations.  Of course I couldn’t process them all immediately because I was listening intently to the message.  But, as I thought about it later, here’s what I was reminded by these little colorful men:

  1. Everyone is welcome in church.  Whether you’re a Power Ranger, Ninja, Robin, or a Storm Trooper, God welcomes you. He beckons, “Come to Me.”  He loves us with a love we can hardly comprehend. Do we extend that same invitation of love and make others feel welcome?


  1. We all need Jesus. We are different colors and shapes and sizes but we all have the same need for Jesus. We may not agree on politics or even parenting, but we all need Jesus.  We have different faults, different weaknesses, different struggles, different desires , and the same need for Jesus. Do we embrace each other as we recognize that need or distance ourselves due to the differences?  Let’s extend grace… and love… and kindness… and help in tangible ways.  Because, we all need Jesus.


  1. We may all be different characters playing in a different storyline, but something holy happens when we come together to worship God.  We bring our pasts with us– our hurts, regrets, failures, and utter messiness – but beauty, healing, and transformation happen when we receive His love and grace.  Where ever we are in the plot of life, when we worship Him, our focus shifts from our microcosm of the world to His glory. What better place for that to happen than in community?

While none of these observations is particularly profound, they serve as great reminders.  Because sometimes – probably too often – we forget what church is really about. It’s not about singing and socializing. It’s not about listening and learning. It’s about worship.  Yes, those other things happen, and that’s great.  But let’s not forget about the worship.  True worship.  The kind of worship where we recognize who He is, our desperate need for Jesus, and His perfect gift of grace.  When we’re so focused on celebrating Him, His light and glory shine.  A beautiful, pure light that beckons, “Come to Me.”  And so, like my son, you’ll want to bring all your friends to experience the splendor of worship.

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