Glimpses of God

We’re surrounded by evidence of God – just look around at creation.  But sometimes we long for more than evidence. We long for interaction.  We want reminders that God is real and loves us.  

And so, I want to create a place where we can share and encourage one another.  On Fridays, I will post stories that demonstrate God at work in the details of our lives. It may be a verse that was found at the perfect moment, and encounter with a stranger, a new thought or insight, a series of events that could have only been orchestrated by God or a long list of other ways that you’ve experienced God. 

I will share a few to get us started, but I really want to hear from you!  Please share you stories, big or small.  It doesn’t have to be on the mission field overseas or even in church. I want to hear about everyday ways that you encounter glimpses of God. 

I’ll start with a situation from this week…

In a place with a group of people that I know, I felt very much like an outsider. The others were connected in ways that I’m not. And so, instead of fully engaging, I sat back and observed. I also watched as my kids played with their group of kids. And while my kids were allowed to join the activity, it was clear they were not a real part of the group.

The group in reference were all very nice women and kids. They weren’t being exclusive; they just shared a bond that I didn’t have with them.  And while I knew this rationally, in the moment it stung my heart. For whatever reason, at the time I felt like an outsider. My thoughts even began to wander down the road of irrational thinking and questioning.  You know, those extreme thoughts like, “I don’t truly fit in anywhere.”  I know that’s not the truth, but my emotions were stirring disparaging feelings.

I said a quick prayer.  I knew my thoughts weren’t healthy or productive and I wanted to stop the downward cycle.

Arriving home, still feeling a little lonely and processing what had transpired, I sat at my computer to respond to some emails. There was a technical one about homeschooling and I noticed at the bottom, they had included a verse.  I’m not sure if it was part of their signature; it seemed just randomly placed.  But it read, “God sets the lonely in families. Ps 68:6” The verse slammed the brakes on my negative thoughts. It was exactly what I needed to hear.  I thanked God for my family and that I’m part of His.

An hour later, I headed to my Bible study group. The DVD for this week’s session was missing, so the facilitator decided to show next week’s video instead… and of course, it was a perfectly timed message.  It was about how God wants us to go beyond helping people and identify with them. I reflected on the events from earlier in the day and how I felt as an outsider. I sensed God urging me to remember how it feels and to be sensitive in watching for others who might be feeling left out.

It was a powerful reminder. And beautiful how God works.  I’m certain I saw a glimpse of God.

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