From Trash to Treasure

I spotted it from a distance.  Parts peeked from behind another item.  As I moved closer, I realized it was in poor condition, but had the perfect shape. It was dirty and discolored, but held handfuls of potential.

And so I asked, “How much do you want for this old chandelier?”

To my delight, she replied, “Two dollars.”  And the deal was done.

I returned home with my find and began the process of restoration.  I cleaned. I painted. I adorned. And it sparkled.  No one would ever know that just a few hours earlier it was a discarded light I’d found laying on the ground at a yard sale.

I beamed as I beheld my new treasure. And the thought quickly occurred of how we are God’s treasure.  He sees our potential, not our current state.  He cleans and restores.  He finds us hurting and brings healing. He finds us completely undone and offers redemption. He finds us tattered and disheveled and reveals beauty and hope. 

Whatever your state today, know that you are treasured by God. He loves us. Let’s invite Him to bring restoration to every area of our lives so that others see His transforming hand at work in us.

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