Finding Balance

Balance – noun; a state of equilibrium.

Ah, something I long for: balance. And yet, I struggle to find it. 

I struggle to find balance in my schedule, vacillating between working tirelessly and being all out lazy. I have periods of chaos that are chocked full of must-do items yet when I arrive in a slow season, I flop lazily on the couch to escape.  And while I remind myself that slow and steady wins the race, I can’t seem to position myself in that place.

I struggle to find balance in my eating.  Feast or famine. Too many sweets or none. Eating out or dining at home.  Again, I seem to live seasons of all or nothing instead of a constant state of equilibrium.

My list of imbalances is lengthy, so I’ll spare you the details.  But, I want you to think about your own.  Where do you struggle to find middle ground?

Is your battle with legalism vs. grace? Or, time with family vs. work? Or work vs. play?  We all wrestle with some sort of balance issues in life.

As I was talking with a friend who was aware that I was recently in a state of disequilibrium, I was excited to share that I’m in a better place.  But as I walked away, I started doing what I typically do – analyze.  So I questioned. What helped me tip the scale back into balance?  Did I have anything to do with it or was is circumstantial… or God?  As I pondered, mulled, and thought, here’s where I landed…

At the foot of the cross!  Jesus is the perfect image of how we can achieve balance.  Our lives must be centered on Him.  Not on doing, but just being in Him.  A day that starts with Him and a continual awareness of His presence throughout the day is where I find balance.  Otherwise, I slip. I pile up a little too much on one side and find myself leaning uncomfortably.  I find myself overcommitted or in a hurry to achieve something that should take years, not weeks. I push and pile some more, until I feel like I’m sinking and suffocated.

Jesus comes to my rescue time and time again.  Each time with a sweet invitation to find rest and joy in Him.  So, as we approach Easter, let’s remember to center our lives at the cross.  Enjoy and appreciate the priceless gift He gave and find true contentment, satisfaction and balance in Him.

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