Embrace the Fat

Her request was innocent.  “Mom, Will you come snuggle with me?” She was having a hard time settling down for sleep.  So, I unsuspectingly joined her in her bed.  We chatted, we read, we drew pictures on each other’s backs. By now, I was settled and ready for sleep.  However, she was still restless so she decided she’d rub my back.  Starting at my shoulders, she quickly worked her way down my back until I felt her fingers dancing around my waistline.  They poked and lingered around that soft and squishy part that some would call a spare tire – you know that part that’s responsible for the infamous muffin top. I held my breath and then it came. “Mom, have you been eating too much candy?”  A million thoughts ran through my head as I tried to decide how to respond… most prominent was the one that bellowed, “You just wait until you’ve had a bunch of kids and see if your body is ever the same again.” Instead, I chuckled and quietly replied, “No, I don’t think so.”  Silence… but only for a moment.  Then she brilliantly asked, “Is it necessary to have fat in our lives?” Because she’s only six years old, I shared the condensed version of my expertise as a dietitian.  Yes, fat is absolutely necessary in our lives.  It provides energy for our bodies. It provides insulation and cushioning.  It’s involved in hormone regulation and storage of fat soluble vitamins.  Fat truly plays a vital role in our physical lives. 

But, what about the other “fat” in our lives—you know, those times and activities in our lives when we feel like we’re not actually accomplishing something.  Those times when we’re playing or resting or just having fun.  We sometimes view fun and rest as luxuries in our lives that we can’t afford.  However, they too are a necessary part of life.  Or at least the necessary part of a balanced life.  God created us to work and be productive, be He also wants us to enjoy life.  He wants us to have fellowship with others and Him.  He wants us to rest so our bodies and minds will function at their full potential. He wants us filled with His joy so we can be a light to others.  So I encourage you to embrace the “fat” in your life.  Reenergize, renew, and refresh your soul with a little fun.  He invites you to do so.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance Ecclesiastes 3:1,4

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2 thoughts on “Embrace the Fat

  1. Oh, how many comments have I gotten from my boys about how I look! Thanks for putting it in a different perspective! You truly have a gift with words! God is using you in a mighty way! Love your funny stories! They make me appreciate that I am not the only one with a crazy life that makes me laugh daily!

    • Thanks Deanna! I’m convinced that one day our kids’ “filters” will kick in and then we’ll miss all of the funny comments they make. Enjoy the craziness… I know you do!