Do you see the blessing?

Today’s Glimpse of God is shared by a guest, Adria Wilkins. I pray that you are touched by her story and recognize God’s creativity and timing in the ways He shares His love with us.

Do you see the blessings? By Adria Wilkins

Look everywhere around you. Do you see them?

Blessings. We receive them constantly but many times we are not even aware they are blessings.

Do you think the day that Jesus fed the five thousand that everyone was expecting to receive a blessing that day? In John 6:12- When they had all had enough to eat, Jesus said to his followers, “Gather the leftover pieces of fish and bread so that nothing is wasted.” So they gathered up the pieces and filled twelve baskets. When the people saw this miracle that Jesus did, they said, “He must truly be the Prophet who is coming into the world.” Did you notice it says “when the people Saw this miracle.”

My son, Blake, was born with special needs and lived for three years. Even now, I am surprised at the blessings I receive from his life. The other day we had some helium balloons and my son, Anthony, said “mom can we release a balloon to Blake in heaven?” Of course, I said yes. Anthony returned from his room with a note attached to the balloon that said “I Love You”. We went outside and he released the balloon into the beautiful blue sky. We watched the balloon for a long time. Suddenly, we saw an airplane and Anthony said “it looks like the plane is going to hit the balloon.” Out of no where came another plane and this time Anthony says“I think the planes are going to crash.” The planes crossed each other in a spectacular sight leaving behind vapor trails that formed a cross. I stood there in awe. In that moment of remembering Blake’s precious life, I thanked God for the reminder of His love and the blessing I just received.

I never expected to receive a blessing that day. The people that gathered around Jesus the day when the loaves and fish were served did not expect to see a blessing either. Yet Jesus pours out blessings upon us frequently and lavishly.

He loves to reveal himself to you. Are you looking? Do you see them?

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