Do You Pass or Fail Loose-Leash-Walking?

I failed the loose-leash-walking portion of doggie obedience school.  In case you’re wondering what that is, it’s when the human is able to control the walk when out with the dog and the dog demonstrates respect to his owner. The leash remains loose, not stretched and strained as the dog pulls. Not the case with our dog, Duke. 

He takes control.  He darts. He stops. He pulls.  Where ever he wants to go, he attempts to make me follow.  I happen to be significantly bigger than him, so he’s not actually able to pull me where he wants, but he sure tries – a far cry from showing respect.

And while he’s behaving badly, it’s actually my fault. 

I have failed to invest the time, energy and patience to train him in this area.  I have failed to take control and continue to allow the behavior.

Duke reminds me of my commitments.  I allow them to shape my day. Because I don’t say “no” and exercise control of my schedule, other things dictate my day and consume my time.  They may be good things, but not necessarily the things God intended for me.  And so, I get jerked around from task to task, missing out on God’s best as I collapse in exhaustion at the end of the day.

How about you?  Are you seeking God’s direction for your life, even in the small things?  Are you allowing Him to shape your day or is your “To Do” list longer than your day and dragging you along?

I pray that we look to Him for direction and that we’ll find peace, joy and contentment as we experience His best for us.

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