Dear Ashlynn

While I always carry you with me, I keep you in a safe place in my heart.  A place that’s secure. A place that I fully open only when I’m ready for the flood of love and emotion that washes over me.

Tonight, the door swung open wide; music serving as the key.  It had been too long.

Immediately sadness and joy collided.  Pondering, longing followed.

I wonder why God chose us.  Why He chose me to be your mother and you to visit for such a short time. Words are inadequate. They elude me. Answers run just beyond my grasp. But this I know: I’m thankful that He trusted me with your life. I’m thankful that you will always be part of me.  I celebrate you and the new life you represent. You are a precious gift, treasured and loved.  I love you, sweet girl, and look forward to the day that I hold you again.

Love always, Mom

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4 thoughts on “Dear Ashlynn

    • Jill, Just got your comment… a hiccup in my system. Sorry! Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement. It’s hard to explain the “joy and sorrow side by side” but I know you understand it.

  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message to your daughter. Life’s losses are often brought back to us in unanticipated moments.
    Sending you much love for your journey.

    • Thanks Ruby. I’ve come to appreciate those moments because the feelings are powerful and remind me of the beauty of life. Blessings, Cindy