The Supper Bowl

Yes, you read that correctly. Supper, not Super… implying the great competition of eating. A friend made typo on her Facebook post about the Super Bowl and I couldn’t help but think of a comment my husband often makes – that he views eating as hobby and sport. We love God’s sense of humor in bringing the two of us together (most of the time). Dietitian meets … well there aren’t really words, but Scott loves to refer to himself as my failed science project and seems to take great pride in it.

Anyway, hobby and sport summarizes much of the eating that will occur today. Super Bowl food like wings, chips, dips, cheesy stuff, greasy stuff, and much more. So today, as athletes compete, we eat. As they burn thousands of calories, we’ll consume them.

The whole feeding frenzy associated with sporting events baffles me. Maybe because I’m a girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love some tailgate food. But it’s the celebration of stuffing ourselves beyond comfort that I don’t understand. It’s the trophy of unbuttoned pants (or at least the second place ribbon of a loosened belt) that I struggle to comprehend.

But, it seems to be tradition, and who am I to argue? Go enjoy your food and fun with friends. But perhaps it’s ok this year to skip the prize winning and exercise some moderation and self control. Just a thought…