Seek and Find

Niagara Falls


As a kid, I always loved the Hidden Pictures game that was printed in the newspaper or Highlights magazine.  I’m not sure what was most alluring – the challenge of finding all the items or the necessity of paying attention to the many details and looking at the picture from various perspectives.

And so, in honor of my favorite childhood game, I invite you to play along with me.  Humor me, if you will.

 I’m taking some creative liberties with the concept, but I want you to look at the picture in this post and find all the ways you see glimpses of God.  It happens to be a picture from a recent trip to Niagara Falls.  While there, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of creation.  Yet, so often in life we don’t slow down to appreciate or notice some of God’s most precious gifts.  So, take a look around…linger… look, but realize that the picture doesn’t do the actual scene justice.  In what ways do you see evidence of our loving Creator? Some are obvious and some are not.  I encourage you to consider the possibilities.  And, just for fun, feel free to tell me what you find. 

Happy hunting!


Lately, I’ve been pretending.  Pretending that I’m not worried. Pretending that I fully trust God. Pretending that I’m OK even though so many uncertainties linger in my life.

I didn’t know I was pretending.  I thought I was trusting Him.

But then, I started to notice a few things — mainly that I wasn’t sleeping well.  I noticed only because I was feeling tired and easily offended.  I cried the other day because I was confronted by someone telling me it caused a problem when my kids put their snack wrappers in a trash can instead of carrying it with us when we left the building.  (That in itself is a story for another day, but certainly not worthy of tears. I should have celebrated that my kids put their trash in the trash can!) 

Nonetheless, the tears started.  And once they started, I couldn’t hold them back.  It was like trying to climb back up a waterslide after someone had already given me a push.  And while the tears were more of a trickle than a gush, I couldn’t stop them.  I tried everything to make them stop.  To make matters worse, I had just entered a meeting with about 30 other women.  And of course, the room was set up where many could see me. Fortunately, we start the meeting with a quiet, reflective time of mediation while worship music played followed by praise through prayer.  Everyone’s eyes were closed.

The music calmed my emotions. And then the spontaneous prayers began:

“Your grace is sufficient.”

“Thank you that you invite us to cast our cares on You.”

“Your provisions always meet our needs.”

“Thank you that nothing is too hard for You.”

These were healing words spoken by others in the room. They spoke as if they knew what I needed to hear in that moment. They were reminders of God’s presence and calmed my soul. My tears weren’t really about the fact that someone complained about my kids’ trash. They were actually a culmination of my worry and uncertainty.  They were a sign of my lack of trust in a faithful God.

And so today, with a thankful heart, I pray “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mark 9:24)

What are you struggling to believe about God?  Can we pray for each other?

Dear Father,

Help my sweet friend in her unbelief.  Fill her with your love and show her your faithfulness in each day.  Strengthen her and encourage her, that she my come to know you in a deeper way.

In Jesus name I pray,


New Eyes

Don’t you love when you see something from a fresh perspective?  You may have known it, seen it, or read it previously, but suddenly you experience it in new way. 

Sometimes, I lose sight of the vastness of God’s love.  In the busyness of life, I may take it for granted even.  I know He loves me. I know He sent Jesus because He loves us. I know that Jesus willingly took on the sin of the world to save us. But, it seems that I sip from His promises and love instead of gulping to quench an insatiable thirst.

I’m studying the book of John in Community Bible Study this year and just finished the first week. Passages that I’ve read many times have had refreshing new depth, meaning and life. Elements of Jesus’ character that I’d skimmed over in the past jumped off the page and into my heart. I am moved and touched that God opened my eyes to the richness of His love in the midst of everyday life.  And again reminded that when I slow down and consider His Word, He speaks.