Dancing in the Rain –
Finding Joy in the Midst of the Storm

About the book:
When life was at its worst, Cindy discovered the source of life at its best: a deep and personal relationship with God. In Dancing in the Rain she shares her journey to find true joy out of the painful loss of her newborn daughter. Practical and approachable, Cindy speaks to anyone struggling with a loss or hardship—whether divorce, job loss, terminal illness, addiction, or any other difficult situation. Her principles show how to develop a personal relationship with God that will help to weather any storm, because He is the ultimate source of strength and joy.

What People are Saying:

“I’m moved by the faith, wisdom and intimacy you share! I really love how you end each chapter with scripture verses and “Your chance to dance”. Fantastic… you give practical application to Biblical wisdom!”
-Gina Spehn, author, blogger, New Day radio show host, and director of New Day Foundation for Families

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The Truth about Weight Loss: Wielding God’s Weapons to Win the War (6 session audio CD set)

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Is maintaining your weight a never ending battle?  Do you have constant thoughts of food but dread the thought of exercise? Join Cindy as she uncovers many truths of weight loss that have been buried under a myriad of cultural myths.  In this study, she’ll discuss the biblical aspect of our identity, God’s view of food and our bodies, the secrets to arming ourselves with God’s weapons to win the weight loss battle and tips for true transformation.  Join Cindy on the journey to a healthy weight as she shows how a shift in thoughts will result in a lasting shift on the scales.