Answered Prayer

It was Monday morning and for some reason I awoke early. So, I began to pray.  During my prayer time, I had a quick interruption in my thoughts and felt compelled to pray about our floor installation that was scheduled for the day.

We were on a tight schedule with a kitchen floor installation on Monday, a quick do-it-yourself painting of the family room that night followed by new carpet installation on Tuesday.  And, the grand finale – we would leave for vacation on Wed with the house put back in order (after complete disarray due to moving furniture and stuff from two major rooms in our home), laundry ready and packed.  In hindsight, this was quite a feat and I probably should have been praying for weeks prior.  Nonetheless, I prayed early that morning and didn’t give it another thought.

The installers arrived and the process began.  Later in the morning, one of guys asked, “Were you expecting us this morning?”  I thought it was odd for him to ask this when they were already two hours into their work.  My response, “Yes, why?”  He then told me that there had been a scheduling error and he had been double booked – two all day projects for the same day.  His manager instructed him to go to the other client, but instead he came to our house first.

I was a little stunned and didn’t think to pry for details at the time.  What possessed him to come to our house against the instruction of his manager?  I so wish I would have asked.  But, I’ll accept that perhaps it was an answer to my prayer from early that morning.  To top it off, the company had misquoted the job and we were given a $200+ credit. 

And so, in that ordinary moment in the routine-ness of my life, I thanked God for being attentive to the details.  I thanked Him for providing. Having the installers arrive on the correct day and time saved me a great deal of grief and headache.  And what a wonderful reminder that we can take everything to God.

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