A New Career?

smileI saw a job description today for a Happiness Engineer. Perhaps you’ve heard of this job title. I had not. But, I love it! And, I want to be one.

Essentially, this person is a customer service and support technician for a software company. They assist customers. They offer creativity in problem solving. They fix things and make people happy. 

This is who I want to be. Not for computer services and products but at home, as a wife, mother, and teacher. In the world, as a friend and neighbor. As a writer. I want to be a Happiness Engineer. I want to offer solutions… and cheer for people… and say kind things… and point people to a loving God.

But there is a job description and qualifications. First on the list:

Patience and grace.

While I still have plenty of opportunity for growth in these areas, God has already begun a work in my life. I trust that He’ll continue. But it does make me a little nervous because growth is painful sometimes. It stretches and exercise muscles that may have been hiding. Within hours of starting to write this piece, I was presented with an opportunity to offer patience and grace. And I must say, it was a struggle. But, with prayer and a little encouragement from another, I did it! At least this time.

And so, I welcome the practice. I’m up for the challenge because I’d rather try and fail than to never have attempted great things. How about you? Would you like to join me? Any other aspiring Happiness Engineers out there?

Peace and grace to you in life’s journey!

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